Welcome to CAARI-SNEAP 2022


We are working on the determining the workshop topics and speakers. 


Walt Van Hemert

Senior Training Consultant

Agilent Vacuum Products Division

Walt is a veteran of the Vacuum Industry for 46 years with 18 years of that exclusively providing Vacuum Seminars. Walt’s experience as a Test Technician, Manufacturing and Application Engineering has provided him with a broad perspective of the vacuum industry and its evolution.

Seminar Topics include and not limited to:

  • Basic and Advanced Vacuum Technology – Vacuum concepts covering rough, high and ultra high vacuum pumps, advanced vacuum practices
  • Leak Detection Technology – Leak detection concepts and theories, leak rate measurements, test procedures, component leak detection
  • Leak Detector Maintenance – The proper use and operation of leak detectors. Discuss the limitations of various leak detection techniques and explore ways to get the best performance from helium mass spectroscopy.


>>> More details to be provided soon <<<