Data collection policies

Consent to collection of personal data

Dear Conference Delegate:

The conference organizers need to collect various pieces of information in order to plan, schedule, and manage the conference, registration and accommodation requests, and to process the conference abstracts and presentations. Additionally, the needs to collect data to keep the service available and secure. The following sections explain in detail what data are being collected and why. Your consent is required in order to use the conference services.

1.    What is being collected about me and why?

The following information is collected by in order to authenticate and authorize the users of the service and maintain its availability and security: 

a)    IP address, browser, and login information retained for up to a year past the conference.
b)    User’s email, password, name and the conference name which are retained indefinitely to facilitate user authentication.
c)    Web browser cookies which are retained only for the length of the web session (until the user logs out or the session times out).

The following information is collected on behalf of the conference organizers to facilitate the conference registration, management of abstracts, and scheduling of presentations:

d) Mandatory contact data including the name, affiliation (company name and address), primary phone number, email address. Optional data include the web URL and the alternative phone number. These attributes except for the phone numbers may be also shared with the on-site registered sponsors and exhibitors, registered delegates, and with organizers of other conferences. The phone numbers are used by conference organizers, e.g., to contact the abstract authors and will be discarded after the conference cycle. Other attributes are retained indefinitely unless the user requests to have them deleted.

e) Presentation abstracts including the co-author names and affiliations. The abstracts and conference session information will be published on the conference website and available anonymously for download.

f) Registration data including the registration options, costs, payment status, and references. 

Meeting247 does not collect, process, or store credit card data. 


2.    How can I view, update, or delete data about me?

The contact data such as the name and address can be viewed and updated in the section My Account. If you wish to have your record removed from the conference database then please contact the Conference Organizers at


3. How is my email address used by will send you email messages in the following scenarios: 

a)    Conference account signup and authentication, e.g., account creation or password resets 

b)    Abstract and manuscript management, e.g., communication about your abstract evaluation and acceptance

c)    Conference registration

4.    Anything else?

The data are stored in the United States and in Canada. If required by law, any attributes might be disclosed to the law enforcement agencies or have its retention period changed. The Conference organizers and reserve the right to update these data collection, use, and sharing policies. The up-to-date version is available at