Book of Abstracts

The CAARI-SNEAP 2022 Book of Abstracts is available in two formats (Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF) and two sizes (desktop/laptop computer and cell phone/small device). Please choose the format and size that is closest to your device size and preferred software. Please review the "Using this Abstract Book" instructions at the beginning of the Book of Abstracts.


If the hyperlinks do not work on your mobile PDF viewer (not all viewers provide this functionality) then please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app from your mobile app store (Android, Apple, etc).


The Book of Abstracts is an interactive PDF or Word file that lets you browse through the conference abstracts/presentations, quickly move between sessions, presentations, and authors, and does not require internet connection. It reflects the state of the conference presentation database at certain point of time. The Book of Abstracts posted below was generated on October 30, 2022 and updated on November 1. 

Before coming to your conference session please always check the session location and time on the  CAARI-SNEAP website.

Certain small schedule changes may happen, individual presentations may be added or removed due to the last minute cancellations. These may not be reflected in the generated files posted below.


The session location and time is posted at Topics and Sessions and your Meeting247 account (you can see the session start time and location when you view your accepted abstract). The detailed Speaker Schedule and the Session Schedule can be downloaded from the Session and Speaker Schedule.      


We are looking forward to seeing you at CAARI-SNEAP 2022.