Welcome to CAARI-SNEAP 2022

Preliminary Topics

We are preparing the conference topics. Please note that the preliminary information provided below will change.

Accelerator-Based Analysis:
Ion Beam Techniques & Microscopy (IBTM)
Nuclear-Based Analysis & Techniques (NBAT)
Accelerator Facilities (AF)
Accelerator Stewardship (AS) 
Technology Development (TD)
Industrial Applications (IA)
Medical Applications (MA)
Security and Defense (SD) 
Teaching with Accelerators (TA) 
Applied Research:
Biophysics (BIO)
Ion enhanced synthesis and modification (ISM) 
Nanoscience and Technology (NT)
Radiation Effects (RE) 
Physics Research:
Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP)
Subatomic Physics (SP)
Status Reports (SRS)
Technical Developments (TDS)