CAARI-SNEAP cancelled due to COVID-19
CAARI-SNEAP 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19

Preliminary Topics

CAARI-SNEAP 2020 cancelled due to COVID-19
Due to recent events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the CAARI-SNEAP 2020 has been cancelled. Further announcements regarding rescheduling will be forthcoming.


We are preparing the conference topics. Please note that the preliminary information provided below will change.

Accelerator-Based Analysis:

Ion Beam Techniques & Microscopy (IBTM)

  • Advances in MeV SIMS
  • Microbeam Developments and Applications
  • Cultural heritage/Forensic Science
  • LEIS & MEIS Applications
  • IBA of Samples Exposed to Extreme Environments
  • IBA of Liquids and Biological Samples
  • Ion and Micro Beam Analysis

Nuclear-Based Analysis & Techniques (NBAT)

  • Nuclear Based Analysis
  • Neutron Based Techniques (including generators)
  • Nuclear Data



Accelerator Facilities (AF)

  • Accelerator Facilities for Industry and Medicine
  • Accelerator Facility Updates

Accelerator Stewardship (AS)

  • Accessing the National Labs and Technology Transfer
  • Future Workforce and Capability Development

Technology Development (TD)

  • Accelerator Technology for Security and Defense Applications
  • Emerging Accelerator Technologies
  • Ultra-Compact and Mini Accelerators



Industrial Applications (IA)

  • Geo-Physical and Non-Destructive Testing Applications                      
  • Sterilization (Medical, Insect, Pharmaceutical) and Irradiator (Food, Blood) Applications                           
  • Industrial Applications Using High-Brightness UV, X-ray, and Gamma Accelerators
  • Advanced Manufacturing of Industrial Accelerators and Power Supplies
  • Neutron Imaging (Radiography, Associated Particle) for Industry

Medical Applications (MA)

  • Technological Developments and Future Aspirations
  • Clinical Progress with Hadrons and Start-up Logistics for New Treatment Facilities
  • Particle Beam Radiobiology: Modeling and Simulation for Accelerator-Based Medical Applications
  • Accelerator Production of Medically Relevant Isotopes             
  • Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)
  • FLASH Radiotherapy                

Security and Defense (SD)

  • X-Ray Sources for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems
  • Detectors for Accelerator-Based Security and Defense
  • Border, Airport, Rail Car, and Maritime Security
  • Software and Simulation for Security and Defense
  • Neutron Generators for Security and Defense
  • Security and Defense Space Applications

Teaching with Accelerators (TA)

  • Undergraduate Education and Experiments with Accelerators
  • Undergraduate Education in the Accelerator Laboratory
  • Graduate Programs


Applied Research:

Ion enhanced synthesis and modification (ISM)

  • In situ and 3D Analysis of Irradiation Induced Changes in Microstructure of Materials
  • Helium Ion Interactions with Functional Materials
  • Ion Beam Modification and Radiation Effects in Solids
  • New Frontiers of SIMS
  • High Energy ions in Advanced Functional Materials
  • Defect Engineering in ion Modified Material
  • Applications of Ion Beams in Frontiers of Material Research

Nanoscience and Technology (NT)

  • Nanoscale Surface Patterns Produced by Broad Beams of Particles
  • Focused Ion Implantation for Novel Device Fabrication

Radiation Effects (RE)

  • Multiscale studies of irradiated materials for fusion applications
  • Radiation Effects in Electronics
  • Radiation Effects in Nanostructured Materials
  • Radiation Effects in materials for Fission Applications
  • Radiation effects in non-metallic materials
  • Accelerator-based Irradiation capabilities for Nuclear Energy Research


Physics Research:

Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP)

  • Physics of Atoms
  • Physics of Molecules
  • Radiation Effects in Biological and Chemical Systems
  • PIXE Basics and Application

Subatomic Physics (SP)

  • New Facilities
  • Neutrino Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Fundamental Symmetries
  • Physics with Traps
  • Nuclear Physics with Lasers
  • Nuclear Reactions
  • Nuclear Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Data Applications



Status Reports (SRS)

  • Accelerator System Upgrades
  • Accelerator Systems Status
  • Accelerator Performance and Experimental Results

Technical Developments (TDS)

  • New and Refurbished Accelerator Systems
  • Technical Developments I
  • Technical Developments II
  • Roundtable Discussions