Topic Editors 2022

Category Organizer Session Code Topic Name Topic Editor's Name Affiliation
AA Barney Doyle IBTM Ion Beam Techniques & Microscopy Lyudmila Goncharova Western University
Claire Pacheco Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France
NBANT Nuclear-Based Analysis and Neutron Techniques Jim Browning Oak Ridge National Laboratory
AC Gary Glass AF Accelerator Facilities Thomas Schenkel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
AS Accelerator Stewardship
TD Technology Development
AP Arlyn Antolak IA Industrial Applications Jani Reijonen Schlumberger
MA Medical Applications David Carlson University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Farr Applications of Detectors and Accelerators to Medicine (ADAM)
Martin Bues Mayo Clinic
SD Security and Defense Richard Greco University of Louisiana at Lafayette
TA Teaching with Accelerators Daniel Marble Tarleton State University
AR Yong Wang ISM Ion enhanced synthesis and modification Theva Thevuthasan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Yanwen Zhang Oak Ridge National Laboratory
NST Nanoscience and Technology Mark Bradley Colorado State University
Ed Bielejec Sandia National Laboratories
RE Radiation Effects Khalid Hatter Sandia National Laboratories
Feng Ren Wuhan University
PR Del McDaniel AMP Atomic and Molecular Physics Jeff Shinpaugh East Carolina University
SP Subatomic Physics Alfredo Galindo-Urbarri Oak Ridge National Laboratory
SN (SNEAP) Mark Roberts SSR Status Reports Mark Roberts Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
STDS Technical Developments Chris Westerfeldt Duke University
Dannie Steski Brookhaven National Laboratory