Banquet Speaker


Joseph A. Giaime

Observatory Head, LIGO Livingston (Caltech)
Professor of Physics & Astronomy (LSU)

Talk: Wonderful Collisions: Gravitational Wave Detection Meets Astrophysics 

Prof. Joseph A. Giaime completed his PhD at MIT in 1995, where his research focused on laser interferometer design and vibration isolation systems for interferometric gravitational wave detectors. He worked for three years at JILA/University of Colorado before going back to MIT to spend a year working on initial Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) installation. He then joined the faculty of Louisiana State University in 1999, where he now holds the position professor of physics and astronomy.  With Caltech, he is currently the observatory head of LIGO Livingston.  Giaime was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2009 for his contributions to gravitational wave physics, in particular key aspects of LIGO.